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When my father suddenly took ill and needed medical attention my world changed. His diagnosis of mesothelioma greatly shortened his life. Little did I know that when Palliative Care at the hospital suggested he had two weeks to two months to live, it really was only two weeks. I can honestly say that the way you handled this entire case has greatly changed my view of lawyers and the legal process. I really have a most favorable opinion of your firm. You handled yourselves professionally and thoroughly investigated every aspect of his case with an excellent outcome. Should I ever need your services again I will definitely call you as I have trust in your abilities. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family.


The lawyers at Antion McGee Law Group are not only very professional they care a lot about the clients. While they were taking care of my dad’s lawsuit they went out of their way to make it as easy as possible on my dad. Instead of making him take a lot of trips to talk to them they came to him. When we took him to the trial, they treated him like a king. They escorted us to every place we had to go from lodging to the court house. Since then my father has passed away, and they have made our whole family their priority guiding us through the entire process and never leaving us with questions. In closing, I would strongly recommend this law firm to anyone.


I truly appreciate all the time your company has taken to resolve my friend’s asbestos claim. He died prematurely and we did not get to do all the things we wanted to. Your group has gone the extra mile. Truly we appreciate every thing you have done. Thank you for helping my best friend.


Although this settlement will not bring my husband back to me or ease the suffering he went through, I’m sure he would be happy to know I will be able to buy a home close to my family. I appreciate everything your firm has done to help me. It was nice meeting Vicki and I thank her for her kindness. I would be happy to talk to anyone in need of your services of your help to me. God bless you.


Three decades in law enforcement meant many unpleasant encounters with attorneys. Yet, when my wife became terminally ill, I had to put my faith in your integrity and skills. While I received the expected legal knowledge and skills, it was your personal support that meant the most. You presented a case that showed caring, compassion, and a loving regard for the memory of my dear wife. You more than earned my trust and gratitude. Thank you.


Attorney-client communications is vital in any case, but even more so following the death of a loved on as a result of mesothelioma. The communication lines with AMLG were always open through various methods, and always with immediate results. Our family did not have to worry about the status of our case, nor wonder if proper attention was being given to our needs—we knew it to be so! Vicki and her team worked diligently from day one through the final disposition of our settlement. The AMLG family was always concerned with our family and it was proven through results.


We initially had a meeting with an attorney representative from a much larger legal firm. That meeting felt impersonal and distant. Once we met Vicki, we knew she was the correct choice for our needs. She showed concern for my needs as a widow and kept the lines of communication open. I’m confident she went the extra mile to secure an excellent settlement and she did so in spite of some poor direction I accepted from a previous firm. I cannot thank AMLG enough for their care during the worst days of my life. They could not bring my husband back, but he would be proud to know I am financially secure due to their assistance.


Thank you so much for what you have done for our mother. It’s life changing for her. You have done more for her than anyone and I just wanted you to know what a blessing you are.

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