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Welders Mesothelioma Attorneys in West Virginia

Because asbestos was once preferred for its strength, insulating ability and heat resistance, it was often used in sealing compounds, insulation and heat resistant protective gear utilized by trade professionals, particularly welders. According to national figures, there are roughly 750,000 people in the country who either are welders or once worked in welding jobs where there was risk for asbestos exposure.

Those in the welding industry were often exposed to asbestos well into the 1980s and 1990s, as asbestos was used in a variety of welding equipment, including welding rods, and protective clothing including gloves and sleeves.  Welders are also at an increased risk off exposure to asbestos from insulation, gaskets, packing, refractory, mortars, and other asbestos products in use in their vicinity and on equipment they are welding.

Top Dangers for Asbestos Exposure

Prior to the implementation of asbestos regulations, millions of asbestos welding rods were sold – many of which may still be “on the shelf” and a risk to welders even today.

The second common risk for asbestos exposure while on the job comes from welding blankets, which are used to protect welders from dangerous sparks. Typically, these blankets were made with heavy amounts of asbestos because it is considered highly fire-resistant. When asbestos welding blankets become worn or are cut, they release millions of harmful asbestos particles into the air.

Avoiding Asbestos Exposure

When researchers discovered the link between asbestos exposure and related diseases like mesothelioma, it wasn’t just welders themselves who were identified as at risk for mesothelioma. In fact, household members of welders, including spouses, children, and other family members are at an increased risk for asbestos illness and mesothelioma due to asbestos particles being on the welders clothing which were then transported home.  Secondhand, bystander, or household exposures to asbestos are considered equally as dangerous as direct, occupational exposures.

Although asbestos was identified as a cancer causing substance decades ago, asbestos remained in many products for years.  As a result, many workers for not adequately informed of the risks, and may have spent years working to construct buildings, ships or machinery by using welding materials that were, in essence, poisoning them.

Because there is still the risk for exposure to asbestos and asbestos products, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is taking steps to further prevent asbestos exposure that can lead to rare and aggressive illness like mesothelioma. Such restrictions can help eliminate exposure to those working in the welding trade.

What Are My Legal Options?

If you have worked in the welding trade and are experiencing mesothelioma-related symptoms, it is in your best interest to contact a qualified medical professional as soon as possible. Only a doctor can assess your physical condition and determine what types of test may be necessary in order to confirm a diagnosis. The next step should be contacting an attorney, particularly one focused on mesothelioma-related cases.

That’s where the legal team at Antion McGee Law Group, PLLC comes in. Our firm focuses on handling asbestos-related cancer cases, specifically those involving a mesothelioma diagnosis. Many of the clients we deal with have worked in the welding industry and been in situations where risk for asbestos exposure has been particularly high.

We understand that dealing with any type of illness is rarely, if ever, easy, and mesothelioma is no different. That’s why our firm is committed to working closely with you and your family as we devise a strategy that best suits you and your wishes.

If necessary, our mesothelioma attorneys are able to travel and meet with you at a location that works for you and your treatment. If that means traveling across the state to your home or hospital, our team is prepared to do that. Let us work with you to reach the outcome you deserve. To schedule an initial consultation to explore your legal options, contact Antion McGee Law Group, PLLC today at (304) 807-0739.

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